Personal Effectiveness / Stress and Change Management Workshops

Techniques to improve performance by handling stress, overcoming anxiety. 

This programme is designed to increase your awareness of your own talents, strengths, resources and to promote well-being. It will encourage more resilience in dealing with physical and emotional challenges. The exercises specifically designed for this course will help you to gradually increase self-confidence in a healthy way and to treat yourself and others with respect, kindness and generosity. Adapting these relaxation techniques will enable you to focus better, and consequently perform better in any environment. Sessions also include techniques for developing interpersonal and communication skills.

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The training is interactive, giving many different practical tips on how to manage stress,
emotions, change and challenging situations in a more effective and assertive way, and also
covers some background theory. You will have the opportunity to practice various exercises
that you can incorporate into your daily schedule after the training.

To book individual or company  / group consultation(s):

  1. Please email or phone me with your enquiry.
  2. We will then schedule an initial consultation (via phone / Skype) that gives you the
    opportunity to introduce yourself / your organization. It will also give me the chance to
    explain how I can help you / your organization and what you can expect from the
    training sessions.
  3. We will also schedule a meeting where I can present the proposal; talk about my
    understanding of the issue you are facing; my general ideas for surmounting the
    issue; and proposed pricing. I would be happy to answer any questions you or your
    colleagues may have.

Please contact me for more information about available packages or tailored packages that
are specifically adapted to your needs.

Courses / Events / Workshops

For more information on upcoming workshops please click here.

  • WORKSHOP: How to sleep better – 29 April 2017, BUDAPEST, Hungary
  • WORKSHOP: Stress management, stress resilience – 13 May 2017, BUDAPEST, Hungary
  • WORKSHOP: How to sleep better – 27 May 2017, LONDON, UK
  • WORKSHOP: Befriending change – 17 June 2017, BUDAPEST, Hungary 


28 February Personal Effectiveness / Stress Reduction Techniques
60 mins BG STEM Bursary Programme /
Imperial College



29 November 

Personal Effectiveness / Assertiveness &
Confidence workshop      
90 mins   BG STEM Bursary Programme /
Imperial College   

18 October

Personal Effectiveness / Stress Management
90 mins BG STEM Bursary Programme /
Imperial College

7-13 August

Facilitating Mindfulness Meditation; Deep Relaxation;
Creative workshop
Daily  Mindfulness in Education Retreat

26 June

Stress Management workshop 1 hour Concern Worldwide (UK)



15 June

Facilitating Mindfulness Relaxation practice

1 hour

Day of Mindfulness for Educators

7 January

Assertiveness and Stress Management

4 hours

London Centre for Children for
Cerebral Palsy



27-28 October

Facilitating Mindfulness Relaxation practice

1 hour

Mindfulness in Education Retreat

9 February

Stress Management presentation   

20 mins

Athena Chelsea Harbor



3 December

Presentation on stress management techniques
including Autogenic Training

1 hour

Winter Creative Club – Kew

10 October

Change Management workshop

2 hours      

City Business Library

15 September  

Stress Management workshop

3 hours

City Business Library

21 July

Stress Management presentation

20 mins

Athena Knightsbridge

18 May

Change Management presentation

20 mins

Athena Kensington

15 February

Stress Management presentation

20 mins

Athena Regents Street



Relax Club – Mindfulness Relaxation

"The time to relax is when you don't have time for it." Sydney J. Harris

You will learn a variety of enjoyable and practical techniques that can also be practised at home. These relaxation tools combined with meditation, visualisation or mindfulness will enable you to experience deep calm and relaxation, creating space for yourself at the same time.


Please contact me for future Relax Club dates.


"The function of meditation practice is to heal and transform.
In the meditation process, fetters are undone; internal blocks of suffering such as fear, anger, despair, and hatred are transformed; relationships with humans and nature become easier; freedom and joy penetrate. We become aware of what is inside us and around us; we are fresher, more alive in our daily existence. As we become freer and happier, we cease to act in ways that make others suffer, and we are able to bring about change around us and to help others become free."
Thich Nhat Hanh: The Blooming of a Lotus