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Autogenic Training and Stress Management    

My first experience of Autogenic Training (AT) was as a patient suffering from stress and insomnia. I looked into a number of conventional and alternative therapies, but nothing came close to the feeling of wellbeing and self confidence I experienced after 10 weeks of AT. I was so inspired by what I had discovered that I studied for the British Autogenic Society Diploma course as soon as I had finished my degrees (MSc in Biology and BA in Events Management).

My background in biology not only helped my understanding of the basic principles of AT, but also gave me a thorough appreciation of how my client's bodies worked, and how I could best treat them. I work with adults suffering from a variety of physical and emotional conditions, including sleep disturbances, emotional difficulties, stress, cancer, migraine and severe anxiety and anger issues. For a full list of conditions AT can treat, click here.

To continuously improve my skills I attended and / or assisted the following courses:
-       Psychotherapy assistant: Rebirth workshop (30hrs) – 2010, 2011, 2013, 2017
-       CPD: Certificate in Personal Coaching (20hrs) – Coaching Academy – 2012
-       Psychotherapy assistant: Healing the heart / our relationships workshop (30hrs) – 2012, 2014
-       CPD: Certificate in Humanistic Counselling (150hrs) – 2014 / 15

I am a registered member of the British Autogenic Society; previously a Trustee (2010-2013) and an active member of its development team (2009-2013). I also have a strong personal interest in body symbolism, humanistic / person centered and transpersonal psychology.



Several years ago I found a book about reflexology and meridian therapy that immediately grabbed my attention. I began to study the book on my own but soon came to realise that learning it from someone else would be much more beneficial. So I trained in the Original Ingham Method® of Reflexology and also attended the ART™ (Advanced Reflexology Training) facilitated by Hagar Basis at the International Institute of Reflexology, UK. In 2013 I attended an intensive Maternity Reflexology Training Programme (MRTP) with the inspiring Mauricio Kruchik

My academic background gives me a deep understanding of the basic principles of both AT and reflexology and how they influence the physiological health of the body. I work at a very deep level with my patients, helping them achieve a sustainable, healthy balance in their emotional and physical life.

I established the Harley Street Reflexology practice with one of my colleagues and offer individual and corporate packages to complement business networking and workplace events.

I am a registered member of the International Institute of Reflexology.



I discovered mindfulness in 2010 when I went to Plum Village  for a retreat. It left me with such a feeling of calm and self-awareness that, on my return, I joined a community in Central London practicing in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh. I soon became an active member of the group of practitioners and trained as a facilitator for the Morning of Mindfulness.

From 2011 - 2014 I was one of the principal organizers for the International Educators conference and worked with the Mindfulness in Education/Wake Up Schools UK movement initiated by Plum Village and  EIAB


Events / Project management

I am also an experienced and skilled events and project management professional. Previously an events officer at national charity Volunteering England, and an events executive at Concern Worldwide, an international NGO committed to helping the world’s poorest people transform their lives.